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 What are Smart home pro products?

Smart home, Smart Home or home automation are terms that refer to houses equipped with connected devices capable of automating functions and even predicting routines according to our habits. Accessing your home through your mobile, your tablet or even by voice control is already part of the present. The advantages of having a smart home include greater comfort, energy efficiency, security and ease when it comes to enjoying our home.

Having a smart home is very simple nowadays, since it is not necessary to modify our house to provide it with intelligence. The transformation from a normal home to a smart one can vary according to the situation or the needs, but in summary, it could be divided into three levels of integration. This differentiation would be made at the scale of spontaneous use, of wireless systems and, finally, of wired systems.

Smart Home offers multiple solutions to meet your individual needs. Smart Home components can be combined with each other. Together, we offer countless possibilities of use.

You can choose to connect your entire home or start with just a few components and gradually expand your smart home.


The concept of the intelligent home or SmartHome dates back to the 1980s, when the first automated home systems began to appear on the market. These early systems were limited to basic functions like turning lights on and off, controlling the thermostat, and programming security systems.

However, technology has advanced significantly in recent decades, and today it is possible to control virtually every aspect of the home through internet-connected devices and automation systems. Modern smart homes can control lighting, heating, cooling, security systems, appliances, TV, and music, among other things.

The creation of the smart home was driven by the need to simplify people's lives and improve energy efficiency. Technology has also enabled greater home security, by allowing homeowners to control and monitor their homes from anywhere in the world.

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Smart home products are designed to make your home more convenient, efficient, and secure. There are a wide variety of products available, including smart thermostats, smart lighting, smart locks, smart cameras, and smart appliances.

When shopping for smart home products, it is important to consider compatibility with your existing devices and platforms. Many smart home products can be controlled through a central hub or app, so make sure to research and choose products that are compatible with your preferred platform.

The popularity of the smart home has also been fueled by the growing popularity of virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Siri, which allow users to control their devices using voice commands. In short, the smart home was created to make life easier, safer and more efficient for modern homeowners.

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